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Ellen Steenmeijer (1965) graduated at the University of Amsterdam in 1989 as an economist. She specialised in marketing and change management and helped create new products/services and new ways of organising a business.

After having contributed to several reorganizations in companies in the financial world (pension funds, insurance companies, ABN-AMRO bank), she reorganized her own life by buying an old pub in Amsterdam and changed it into a live music blues café. A few years later she took up her career as a consultant at Berenschot and discovered in one of the assignments a new movement, combining technology and care. That was a movement she wanted to contribute to. In May 2010 she started to work at Sensire, because Sensire was then and still is a not-for-profit care organisation that’s willing to invest in the future of care in the Netherlands. By using new technologies to create a new way of providing care at home to elderly and people with chronicle diseases. Today Sensire provides care to over 1,100 clients through an iPad and still are developing new ways of e-health that contribute to a high quality of live and lower cost.